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The Fundraising Program

Fundraising can be a lot of work with administration and logistics!

Packed with Care is committed to provide a hassle-free fundraising process for our Partner Organizations!

Organizations can offer to their members, customers, family and friends a range of products; from delicious Spices and Marinade sachets, to trendy and cool snack bags and incredibly practical and effective cleaning products. These carefully selected eco-friendly items have proven to be popular and have established retail market followings in Canada. Great efforts have been and will be made to source products from Canadian Companies.  As an added bonus - we ship directly across Canada, so you can reach supporters near and far (they don't have to be just local)!

As part of the Fundraising Project, 20% of all sales will be directed to the registered Organization directly, at the end of the campaign timeline. Interim progress reports will be shared to track progress and help empower the Organization's internal motivational efforts.

Marketing materials will be made available online, to assist Partner Organizations in promoting their fundraising campaigns.  Social media quick links will also be provided, for a simple and convenient way to share your campaign.  

The products will be sold at competitive market prices on our own website and delivered directly to the customer by mail, removing any need for inventory management/distribution or return. No minimum orders are required. We handle customer transactions online and track fundraising profits for direct payout to our Partner Organization at the predetermined campaign end date. There are no shipping or transaction costs to the Partner Organization!

Use the funds you raise as profit for new team jerseys, art supplies, missions trips, a field trip to the museum... or perhaps a new playground for your neighbourhood—whatever's important to you!

The Company

Packed with Care is dedicated to partnering with organizations to assist them with their fundraising needs by providing easy and efficient sales through our specialized online and direct delivery service. We supply a variety of hand-picked "favourite" products offering competitive value, which generate profits (20% of sales) for our partner organizations. We offer a year-round, no risk fundraising campaign opportunity.


Michelle & Salim reside in Tri-Cities of BC, Canada. Together, they have a family of three children and two grand-children (so far). Their family is a blended one, consisting of Canadians and Aussies!


Packed with Care Founders Michelle and Salim


Both partners have experience with traditional storefront retail sales and online sales, along with wholesale and importation, spanning more than 35 years. We have promoted and participated in many fundraising efforts of varying types and scales through Churches, Clubs, and other large Charitable Organizations.

At this point in our lives, we feel that our combined knowledge and experience can help serve our Communities and Organizations to make fundraising efforts more efficient and more easily executable in a friendly, economical and eco-responsible way. It is our goal, to help in the success of many of the worthwhile and beneficial fundraising endeavours in the communities we all live in!

How it Works